NECDP Steering Committee

Responsibilities of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible to:

1.       Provide overall leadership of NECDP coordination and address institutional challenges that may arise on the course of implementation.

2.       Provide overall guidance and orientation on key priorities of NECDP

3.       Receive and approve the progress reports on a quarterly and annual basis, and provide recommendations and feedback for policy and program adjustment towards effective implementations

4.       Consider the final NECDP implementation plans and budget


Mrs. Ingabire Assumpta,


Ladislas Ngendahima

Steering Committee Member


Steering Committee Member

Mr. Cassien MUHIRE

Steering Committee Member

Mrs. Radegonde NDEJURU

Steering Committee Member

Mrs. Anastasie MUKAKAYUMBA

Steering Committee Member

Mrs. Martine UMUBYEYI

Steering Committee Member