Parenting Education

Parenting education and support programmes are prioritized on the conviction that the family is the primary institution through which quality optimal care and early stimulation can be provided to children. However, this conviction comes with the realization that parents may lack some requisite skills and knowledge to provide professional optimal care and support for their children. Parents need guidance on how to support children’s Physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. Cognitive development begins at birth and emergent literacy is one of the most important foundations for later school and life achievements. All parents, literate or illiterate, can support children’s literacy development through simple home activities. Rwanda needs a holistic parenting education programme that helps parents learn about positive parenting and how to develop emergent literacy skills in the home environment. This program therefore is intended to guide through means and measures to support positive parenting and education, elaborating a holistic parenting education curriculum for parents and their children (from birth to 3 years and 3 to 6 years) as well as supporting their transition from childhood to adulthood. Parents will be acquainted with skills to support their children’s emergent literacy and as well as early stimulation and socialization. Parents will also be supported to understand the nature and the means to prevent and report all forms of child abuse being their primary responsibility as parents.