Child Protection

 The government of Rwandan is committed to placing the family at the center of development, and as a prerequisite to achieve equitable and sustainable development for country at large. This is manifested by the inclusion of family promotion and support commitments as a cross-cutting theme in EDPRS II as well as the 2003 constitution of the Republic of Rwanda as amended to date that conceives the family as the natural foundation of Rwandan society.

The rationale for this Strategic Focus area is to ensure a safe and protective environment free from all forms of abuse for all children to enable them realize their full development potential. Further, the program intends to increase community awareness of and participation in protecting and promoting children's rights, obligations and responsibilities and to establish and implement mechanisms for early identification and mitigation of all forms of abuse and violence against children, particularly those with disabilities and other forms of physical, psycho-social impairments. Child protection thematic area as well calls to establish and implement a transparent and coherent referral systems for families to easily access equitable and cost-effective child support services.