Maternal and Infant feeding

Maternal and Infant feeding intends to ensure a healthy growth of the child starting from the conception until 2 years of age to prevent stunting. The following are to be taken into consideration:

  • Consumption of iron supplements by pregnant women

  • Dietary diversity for women, with emphasis on food sources of iron and foods that enhance iron absorption

  • Dietary diversity for children 6–23 months, with emphasis on food sources of iron and vitamin A and foods that enhance iron absorption

  • Optimal meal frequency for children 6–23 months of age

  • Early initiation of breastfeeding

  • Exclusive breastfeeding from birth through the first six months

  • Timely introduction of appropriate complementary foods

  • Reduction in the consumption of foods of low-nutrient value (junk food)

  • Presumptive treatment for helminths for pregnant women and young children

  • Handwashing at three out of five critical times (after using the latrine, after changing a baby’s diaper/cleaning a child, before preparing food, before feeding a child, and before eating)

  • Adoption of methods for safe and prolonged storage of nutrient-dense produce for the winter