A refresher training for national ECD master trainers to be more efficient

From 25th to 29th November 2019, we organised a five-day advanced refresher training of national ECD master trainers. Participants came from NECDP, our partners from public institutions, Civil Society Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, Faith Based Organisations and Development Partners.

During this training, focus was put on investing in early years of the life of the children mainly on themes including early disability detection and special needs mainstreaming and inclusion, maternal and young children nutrition and Health, human capital index and Ebola prevention among others.

National master trainers discussed success stories achieved during one year from their last training. Among them, we mention the training of trainers at district level and the training of care givers at grass root level. Also their respective institutions doubled efforts to implement integrated ECD services including working in synergy for a common goal which is to ensure healthy growth of the children.

Soon, we shall introduce the “length mat” for growth monitoring at community level, where Community Health Workers will be trained to do “height for age” measurement. National master trainers committed to ensure that all interventions are well implemented and integrated ECD services are ensured effectively.